Resources with information on postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, parenting, and therapy

First, a statement about safety...

This site is for educational purposes only and does not substitute medical advice. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis reach out to your general practitioner, psychiatrist, or therapist right away. If you are experiencing symptoms that put you and/or others in danger, call 911 or go immediately to your nearest hospital. If you are having suicidal thoughts, the US National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Postpartum Support International

  • Postpartum Support International has a fabulous website. There are pages with descriptions of each perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, lists of online support groups, and a directory of local support groups and therapists. There is also information on this website for partners.          

The Postpartum Stress Center 

  • Karen Kleiman is my favorite author on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She is the director of The Postpartum Stress Center in Pennsylvania, and this link takes you to a page that has information about what postpartum depression is, along with helpful links that answer common questions on the right hand side

The Center for Parenting Education

  • The Center for Parenting Education has an abundance of articles, books, and tips on all types of parenting topics. From death and loss to LGBT resources to single parenthood... they cover just about any topic you could think of.

Psychology Today

  • To find a counselor for general mental health, addiction, and/or trauma therapy, visit This website allows you to search for a therapist by location, your insurance coverage, specialty, etc. 

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